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Entry #1

So this is NewGrounds... ME GUSTA!!

2012-07-03 01:35:06 by MTMiPower

Hello my name Is Micheal (yes, thats how you spell my name) or MTMiPower. I'm mostly a Youtuber guy but some of my friends suggested me to visit newgrounds for more content. I've been on the web for a while now and notice about this site but never bothered to sign-up, now here I am... I've realize how LEGIT this site is :D

About Me:
-Stick Figure Animator
-Voice Actor
-Brony (don't judge)
-Film Maker
-Gmod guy
-Steam player (TF2)

Contact me:
*Skype: MTMiPower


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2012-07-11 18:49:41

your fans just increased,,, by one